ADANTA – African Dance and Theatre Training Ltd

African Dance and Theatre Training Ltd (ADANTA), is a nonprofit cultural organization dedicated to the preservation, education, and appreciation of traditional African music, dance, theater, and culture. The organization was founded in 1997 by two experienced and dedicated performers, Sunny Nwachukwu and Rose. Since its inception the organisation has pursued its mission through ongoing workshops, performances, youth programs, touring engagements, lecture demonstrations, community outreach, and creative partnership programs with renowned artists and performing companies. In addition, ADANTA strives to portray African music and dance specifically as forms not simply for entertainment or exhibition, but rather, means by which communities educate, communicate, organize, and preserve their ancestral past. ADANTA hope to share with its audience the beauty and energy that pure traditional African dance, music and theatre can generate.

Our Vision:
To promote social inclusion through multifaceted African performing arts activities that are accessible to all.
Our Mission:
To raise the profile of African performing arts through:
  • training and development of new and existing talent;
  • creating and delivering innovative, cross cultural performances that fuse musical genre in the mainstream industry
  • Our Values:
    ADANTA will provide services and performances that reflect the values of African life: family, community, and self-improvement. ABOUT ADANTA ADANTA (African Dance and Theatre Training Ltd) was founded in 1997 by dancer drummer and choreographer, Sunny Nwachukwu. ADANTA tours with a company of 6 dancers, 5 drummers and 1 acrobat/body contortionist. This combination of people offers a variety of workshops, residencies theatre productions and public performances. ADANTA has created work aimed specifically at enabling the audience to experience the beauty and energy that African dance can generate. Our programs have extensive workshop elements culminating into site specific events, these can be performed in unusual spaces, environments and high profile theatres. The size of the troupe can also be altered to suit specific requirements of event organizers. ADANTA exists to explore and express an idea through dance, which reflects its African roots, society and way of life. Its philosophy is to create innovative work by using sources rooted in traditional African culture and to communicate the diversity of dance vocabulary within the continent to its wide range of audiences. ADANTA’s repertoire ranges from fast, dynamic, bizarre, intricate, lyrical and sometimes emotionally charged and physically brutal. Constantly evolving, ADANTA have received awards for its contribution to performing arts both in the UK and abroad; among which are, The Afro-Broadway award in 2004, YIBOSC 2000, Enfield Race Equality Council 2005 and Queen’s Golden Jubilee Trust 2002. The company have enjoyed reviews from some of the most articulate and visually stylish comments on their dances. The company have made numerous television appearances both in the UK and the United Arab Emirates, including appearances in C4’s Paul O’Grady show, Stealing Lives (feature film for C4) OBE, BENTV and other satellite channels. ADANTA thrives to keep on the cutting edge of dance making. All members come from an extensive dance training background. The company occasionally engages guests to enhance their knowledge and understanding of various cultural forms. ADANTA performs on invitation, both locally and abroad. Throughout the year ADANTA sets up workshops within its residency in North West London. Our most recent production, IJUWA, ‘Our Journey Through Life’ is a success and have attracted interest from theatres and festivals in Dubai and the Channel Island. We hope to share this beautiful dance with you and your audience. You will find our programes useful for school workshops, theatre performances, residency for community arts groups and activities marking the Black History Month Celebration. Hope to hear from you soon. A 9min promo DVD can be seen when you click the adress below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMBzlasiFyA Thanks. - Sunny Nwachukwu ( Project Co-ordinator) Phone 01873776121;07940561355 CLICK THE LINK BELOW (OR COPY AND PASTE) TO WATCH THE ADANTA DANCERS IN ACTION AT A RECENT VIDEO SHOOT FOR THE ARTIST KENNETH BENSON: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-mE_CHbw7s&eurl;=http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_edit2
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