The Making of Alankwa - The Land of a Thousand Dances

The Land of a Thousand Dances

Alankwa Flyer 2003Casting

Prince - Ejima Nwachukwu
Princess - Caroline Orme

Eze -
Lolo -
Adaeze -
Maidens -
Counsellor I -
Cousellor II -
Prophet - Bon Romeo Ejiofor
Town Crier -
Dancers -
Drummers -

Adanta have had one theatre production to date. Our premier production, "Alankwa - The Land of a Thousand Dances" was a great success. We are in the process of developing a follow-up for a national tour in 2006.

Our theatre productions use a fusion of traditional African dances and contemporary dances to explore themes and cultural concepts such as courtship, marriage, initiation ceremonies, chieftaincy ceremonies and inter-racial marriages!

The Storyline

Bon Romeo Ejiofor




Lighting, Special Effects and Technical Support

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