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North Yorkshire Wedding - courtesy Cosmopolitan Magazine

Queen of the dance

Lisa and Peter's colourful North Yorkshire wedding was a wonderfully happy and vibrant celebration that brought together the very best of their English and African cultures

Bride: Lisa Carine, 28, head of communications for Jarvis Accomodation Services.
Groom: Peter Anthony Emeka Obi, 34, company partner for Clarity Search Consulting.
Wedding date: 23 August 2003.
Venue: Lisa and Peter got married at Newton Kyme Church in North Yorkshire followed by a reception at Allerton Castle.
Most memorable moment: "Adanta, the African dancers were brilliant. Peter was thrilled his culture was represented so beautifully and our guests loved every minute of it. Peter's mum also carried out a traditional gesture of pressing money against Peter's head and mine for luck and prosperity."

- Culled from the Cosmopolitan Magazine


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