African Dance and Theatre Association


We are ADANTA – African Dance and Theatre Association. We are a charitable organisation based in the UK. For over five years we have actively promoted African culture through dance, music and drama; in the UK and Overseas. We invite you to share with us this rich cultural heritage.

We perform traditional African dances such as the Atilogu dance, the Zulu Warrior dance, Nkwa Umu Agbogho (the Maiden dance), the Soukus (Zaire dance), etc. These dances are performed in their purest form which makes each one unique and exciting to watch. We have held major performances all over the UK, America and the United Arab Emirates. Welcome online!


We hope to create a highly entertaining group that will serve as a common property and equally a vehicle for people of all races, to promote cultural understanding and racial harmony. We train and develop local talents as part of a process of helping them to use their free time constructively. Over a dozen seasoned dancers within the Adanta group, participate in training new ones. Our skilled dancers and choreographers ensure that new talents are discovered and trained in the Adanta tradition to become part 


‘ADA’ in an African dialect means ‘daughter’, but ‘NTA’, on the other hand means ‘little’. So, ADANTA literally interprets to ‘Little Daughter!’ She is also the ‘little’ Maiden Mask which entertains people at special gatherings.

Today, however, London is home to ADANTA – African Dance And Theatre Association – a voluntary organisation, aimed at creating a new dimension to African Cultural Dance music. The brainchild of two seasoned African dancers, Sunny Nwachukwu and Rose, Adanta was formed in 1997 as a way of tackling the under-representation of African performing groups in the UK mainstream entertainment industry. With offices in the


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Adanta supports and assists client groups by:providing expert advice on project design, management and strategic planning;enabling participants gain access to facilities such as multi-purpose digital arts infrastructure, etc;enabling client groups to establish links with important organisations such as Foreign Embassies, Funding Agencies, Newspapers, Television Companies, etc;involving Groups/Individuals in numerous festivals and activities in London, UK and Overseas;assisting with post-production packaging and marketing, linking groups with promotion agents.